Event package

A component of this package is event planning and management. From private parties, weddings and ceremonies through to festivals and conferences, someone needs to conceptualize, plan logistics, manage, organize and coordinate everything and everyone involved. Events design and décor incorporates the creative aspect of incorporating decorative center pieces, flower arrangements, color coordination and fabric draping to suit a specific event’s theme.


Professional Conference and Exhibitions Management

As a conference and exhibition organizer, you will be exposed to marketing, operations and sales of stand space. If you like multitasking and working with people of all kinds, this course is for you. If you have experience in conference and banqueting, travel, sales, marketing, PR or fundraising, this course can be especially useful.


Media package

The world of entertainment would be hollow without good music and a captivating MC. It gets even better when such moments, people and places are captured instill and motion pictures. If this whets your appetite, you'll enjoy components of this package. Courses in DJ, MC, videography, photography and SME Business management skills will propel you into the vibrant entertainment industry.


Why choose Divine Schools Africa

Premier and Leading Events School in East and Central Africa
Trained Leading Event planners for the last 14 years.
Students from all over Africa.
The Event Industry is a lucrative and fast growing industry

Trained more than 3000 students.
Trainers have extensive field experience
Curriculum developed is practical and relevant both now and future.
Short courses good for plan B, transitioning, Bridging courses.

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