Divine Schools – Africa is the first School in East and Central Africa to offer formal training in Event management, wedding planning, flower arrangement and décor and Fundraising courses among other courses. We believe our courses offer individuals the opportunity to be all they can be and experience life to the full.

Divine schools aims at providing an exciting all round education towards a personally fulfilling and socially useful life.

Our Courses

Events Management
Ksh 60,000

Would you like to plan business meetings, product launches and milestone events? This Bundle for Event Planning shows you how to plan all types of events for…

Flower Arrangement, Décor and Draping
Ksh 45,000

Are you known for your creative eye? The Flower Arrangement Draping & Décor course equips you with complete training on how to be creative in your designs….

Wedding planning
Ksh 28,500  4 Weeks

This service is for that couple who feel they would like to do all the planning with professional guidance and advise to the right direction….

Ksh 100,000 12 Months

The world of entertainment would be hollow without good music and a captivating MC. It gets even better when such moments

English package
Ksh 20,000  4 Weeks

Whether you are learning English as a second language or trying to polish your already adequate grammar and style skills, DSA is here to help….

Public Speaking
Ksh 30,000  4 Weeks

DSA is dedicated to helping people overcome their fear of public speaking with tips to boost confidence and deliver a solid presentation, and plenty of expert advice..

Digital Sales and Marketing
Ksh 28,000  4 Weeks

Find out what digital marketing is today, the tactics involved… Enter digital marketing — in other words, any form of marketing that exists online. …. opportunities to convert website visitors into leads for your sales team.

Ksh 30,000  4 Weeks

DSA seeks to provide hospitality training that meets the highest international standards. DSA strive to mould its students into credible and respected professionals and place them in highly rewarding and progressive career paths.

Business Skills Mentorship
Ksh 30,000  4 Weeks

DSA has a fully-funded personnel and entrepreneurship training program that … You will learn more about the skills that you need for your career and how to build them; … .


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